Variable Stars

Variable star observing is different from Deep Sky observing. Dave Sworin has written in 1997 a very interesting text about this subject. The article is no more available on Internet, but Sworin pointed out :
- First observation of Deep sky object is great thrill. Deep sky observing is an experience in space dimension.
- Variable stars are less impressive, but more interesting the more you observe them. The dimension of variable star observing is time.
- Variable star observation heals aperture fever.
- Variable stars are not bothered as much by light pollution.
- You need an organization. (AAVSO, CBA)


Here are the final results of observations, i.e. publications

PowerPoint Presentations

Variable stars are not well known by amateur observers. I am trying to fill this gap by presentations given in local astronomer clubs. I hope that these presentations will convince amateurs to start Variable Star observations. These PowerPoint presentations were given in French. Do not hesitate to use them.

Astro programs for Variable Star Observers

Astro programs for variable star observers


Results of past observations
The recent observations have been published, see this webpage


Big Bear 2009

The SAS (Society for Astronomical Sciences) - AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers) Symposium was held at the Northwoods Resort.
It was followed with the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference. Many thanks to my wife who took pictures and made the slide show.
2009 SAS - AAVSO Symposium at Big Bear(California)

GEOS 2011

The 2011 GEOS meeting was held at the OHP (Observatoire de Haute Provence - France)
Diaporama of Geos meeting held at the Observatoire de Haute Provence (France)

AAVSO 100 000 observation award

AAVSO 50 000 observation award